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Menu of the day - 23/07/2018

No animals allowed

FETTUCCINE DEL PASTORE (ricotta cheese, cheek lard, pecorino cheese and black pepper)

BRUSCHETTA with Apulian spun-curd mozzarella, browned tomatoes and Spanish anchovy

PIZZA REGINA ( orange spiced potatoes , smoked Regina trout and leek rings)

FOCACCIA with mashed chickpeas, cod pulp and Roman mint

SUPPLI’ with porcini mushrooms cooked in olive oil, parsley and garlic

SUPPLI’ ALL’ARRABBIATA (spicy) with San Marzano tomatoes

CROCCHETTA with potatoes (garlic oil, pecorino cheese and mint)

STRUDEL with wild berry and whipped cream

HANDMADE ICECREAM with EVO oil (no milk, no egg)