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Cecilia Capitani, Giancarlo Casa and Sergio Natali met for the first time in high school in 1973. Fifteen years later, Cecilia and Giancarlo got married. Twenty-six years later, they embarked on a new adventure with Sergio: opening a pizzeria together. The principle behind it was very clear: renovate the traditional idea of pizzeria, giving up the old common belief of having to use low-cost raw materials in pizzerias.

Right away we focused on studying a quality dough, experimenting on maturation, searching for selected raw materials. This kind of work has never stopped in the following years, leading to a gradual transformation of the doughs up to the current one and the idea of new pizza and supplì (fried rice balls) that we might define as works of authorship.

“La Gatta” immediately attracted the attention of the media and right after the guidebooks as well, and this, together with a positive word of mouth from the first clients, led to a pretty fast success. The positive result incited us to insist on the road of quality and research: the wine list reached more than 200 labels, the beer one reached 70 and we started buying high quality spirits.

Today “La Gatta” is complete 

To avoid a stagnation for tiredness and routine, we’re renovating our commitment by personally following some food preparations. We’re also organizing more pizza tasting events in collaboration with wine producers, cultural organizations and wine magazines.

Our team

Sergio Natali


He organizes the work, manages administration and personnel and the waiters during the evening with specific attention to beer.

Ahmed Moursi


He’s been with us since 1999. He makes first and second courses and rice for the supplì.

Mahmoud Gouda

Pizza maker

He’s been with us for two years. He cooks the ingredients and the seasonings and takes care of the baking phase.

Cecilia Capitani


She makes the desserts of the pizzeria almost every day

Ibrahim Hassan


He’s been with us since 2000. He makes fried food, vegetables, batters, fillings for pies, etc...<br />

The cats in the room

Giancarlo Casa


The new doughs, the new seasonings, he creates the menu and new pizza and original fried food in collaboration with chefs and pizza makers. During the evening, he manages the table service with Sergio.

Hosny El Shoady, Mahmoud Gouda e Valerio Santini

Pizza makers

Our pizza maker Mahmoud Gouda with his efficient assistants

the cats in the room